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REPORT | Brainy Breakfast BBQ

In March this year, Harbinger Consultants trialled an initiative in health promotion to raise awareness of dementia. The purpose of this initiative was twofold:

  • Raise money for dementia research through a sponsored 50km bike ride. We raised $600 dollars simply by setting up a facebook page and asking our facebook network to sponsor the ride by donating $5 (or whatever was affordable) directly to Alzheimer’s Australia.
  • Raise awareness of brain health and dementia through a BBQ breakfast event at the Sandgate foreshore

Based on an action research approach, the idea of the Brainy Breakfast BBQ was to bring people together in a convivial environment to exchange information, share stories and generally catch up. We like alliteration so the Brainy Breakfast could also be held as a Brainy Brunch or Brainy BBQ or combinations of brunch, BBQ, breakfast. It was trialled with a view to considering options for rolling out the event as a grassroots social communication and/or social learning initiative that encouraged and strengthened social links and prompted awareness of lifestyle decision making. We envision the development of an online kit that anyone can download and use to implement a hosted event.

The report of the initiative, including thoughts on further development, is available online.


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