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We produce occasional research papers and articles addressing issues aligned with our professional practice and priorities. We make this work freely available via document sharing. We have undertaken the following research initiatives:

Infrastructure governance: a policy and discourse analysis of intergovernmental relations in two major infrastructure projects in South East Queensland
June 2014

Linda Carroli’s masters thesis examined infrastructure decision making and intergovernmental dynamics through a discourse and policy analysis to investigate intergovernmental dynamics. The intention is to consider the ways in which infrastructure decision-making is embedded in narratives of urban governance so as to investigate governance practice. The research is grounded in a phronetic approach and developed through two case studies in South East Queensland urban centres: Gold Coast Rapid Transit and Brisbane BaT Tunnel. Decision and policy making in relation to major infrastructure continues to hinge on political influences and intergovernmental relations. Drawing on complexity theory, planning theory and policy analysis, intergovernmental dynamics and power relations of infrastructure decision-making, as revealed through the case studies, will be examined. This highlights the ways in which urban infrastructure projects are negotiated among government stakeholders and how governance processes take shape. A comparative examination of the case studies reveals that governance practices involving the levels of government tend to be hierarchical and political rather than networked. This thesis is principally concerned with the interactions and relations between Federal and State government with a view to ascertaining whether deliberative and discursive relations are impacting the processes of infrastructure governance; a changing narrative of infrastructure and governance is acknowledged. There is consideration of how policy deliberation can reframe infrastructure governance as well as trigger assessment of the role of government.

The research paper is available online at Academia.edu.

Brainy Breakfast BBQ: A social communication and learning initiative for raising awareness of brain health and dementia

In March this year, Harbinger Consultants trialled an initiative in health promotion to raise awareness of dementia. Based on an action research approach, the idea of the Brainy Breakfast BBQ was to bring people together in a convivial environment to exchange information, share stories and generally catch up. The report of the initiative, including thoughts on further development, is available online.

Survey Report: South East Queensland Community Attitudes to Consultation and Engagement
August 2011
South East Queensland residents were invited to participate in a survey to capture community attitudes about community engagement and consultation. This document produced by Harbinger Consultants reports the findings of the survey.

View this document on Scribd

CSR in the Development Industry: A preliminary study
October 2009
This research paper is a preliminary study into the urban development industry’s engagement with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Australia produced by Harbinger Consultants. The corporate websites of eight companies are studied with a view to ascertaining some general industry-specific tendencies in CSR.

View this document on Scribd

Linda has now published some of her academic papers at Academia.edu, a social network for researchers, including the following works written over the last couple of years:

  • Culture & Urban Strategy: A case study of a major festival
  • Impacts and implications of urban transport
  • A critique of ‘Social Cities’: A critical review of Jane-Francis Kelly’s Social Cities report
  • Urban Change & Challenge: A reflective overview
  • CSR in the Development Industry: A preliminary study
  • Kelvin Grove Urban Village: A strategic planning case study

Other studies and creative works are available at Scribd and SlideShare.

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