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Harbinger Consultants works on a diverse range of projects and the following profiles provide some background of our work across research, planning, strategy and consultation:

Moreton Bay Regional Council Cultural Strategy & Plan
Moreton Bay Regional Council
In partnership with Brecknock Consulting, Harbinger Consultants has been involved in the development of the Moreton Bay Regional Council’s Cultural Strategy & Plan. This has required cultural mapping and extensive consultation across the cultural and creative industries sectors and broader community. As part of the project team, Harbinger has undertaken community consultation within the planning process to ensure significant community input in shaping the plan. The consultation process involved stakeholder identification, an online and printed survey, face to face interviews, information sessions and facilitated focus groups.

Community Centre Planning in an Emerging Masterplanned Community
State Government
A new community centre will be constructed as part of the masterplanning and development process for an emerging suburban community. Harbinger Consultants worked with Foresters Community Finance to undertake community consultation about the community centre with a view to scoping potential uses, tenants and service provision of the centre. Harbinger also facilitated focus groups and community meetings as part of the consultation process. The consultation outcomes informed the development of an operational plan and design concepts for the Centre.

Disability Action Plan
Queensland Performing Arts Centre
QPAC has recently undergone redevelopment and significant change management. As part of that process, Harbinger has developed a Disability Action Plan that will ensure that customer relations and services are appropriate for people with disabilities, and so that cultural events are fully accessible to people with disabilities and so that the wellbeing of customers with disabilities is understood. This has involved consultation and awareness raising with the staff and management team of QPAT as well as disability awareness workshops.

Cultural Wellbeing: Indigenous Program Strategy
Access Arts
As a provider of cultural services and programs to people and communities experience disadvantage and/or disability, Access Arts has been running an Indigenous Cultural Program for many years. In undertaking a review of the program with a view to developing some strategic directions for the program, Harbinger formulated  the program under the umbrella of cultural wellbeing. The intention in this framing was to ensure an intercultural awareness and communication throughout the organisation as well as developing the program in a way that drew  connections between culture, community and country as foundational in Indigenous people’s well-being. The review included desktop research, interviews and focus groups.

A Report on Funding for Indigenous Art Centres in North Queensland
QIAMEA & Arts Queensland
This report was the first of a multi-stage project that sought to identify how funding for Indigenous Art Centres was impacting on the sustainability of the Indigenous Art Centres and impacting on the market for Indigenous art at the supply side of the market. The work carried out by Harbinger Consultants involved primarily desktop research and some phone interviews. It involved a literature search to scope the Indigenous Arts Sector, particularly how Indigenous Arts Centres operated, and scrutinising funding outcomes (of several state and federal funding bodies) over the past several years to identify which organisations were receiving funds. As a body of data, this report provided a comprehensive overview of funding outcomes for Indigenous Art Centres in Queensland. In particular, it provided a detailed picture of actual funding received and of access to funding. Some initial work was undertaken in targeting the specific needs identified by Indigenous Art Centres in Queensland to achieve high quality supply. In representing the data, maps depicting the geographic distribution of funding were produced. The report also identified opportunities for enterprise growth and development of the Indigenous Art Centres.

Evaluation of Arts Connecting Communities
Brisbane City Council
The Arts Connecting Communities project was a partnership between the Australian Business Arts Foundation and Brisbane City Council. The project aimed to provide build enterprise capacity among non-profit organisations in Brisbane with a focus on business partnerships. The program aimed to provide the participating organisations with skills in negotiating, forming and managing business partnerships. In undertaking the evaluation as a summative evaluation, interviews were conducted with the participants and the project partners. The methodology was based on Appreciative Evaluation with a view to providing recommendations for further development of the project.

Nambour Public Art Master Plan
Maroochy Shire Council
The Nambour Public Art Master Plan will guide the public art component of the Nambour business centre streetscape program, promote Nambour revitalisation project objectives and inform future public art development in Nambour. The project involved primarily desktop research and fieldwork including some face to face interviews. The Nambour Public Art Master Plan is comprised of two documents. The Master Plan (Report 1) is a strategic and conceptual document that includes framework and proposals. A second report (Report 2) documents Public Art in Nambour as per the project brief including an audit and map of existing public art. As part of the planning process, a presentation was made to Council’s urban design team about contemporary public art.

Cotton Tree Art and Environment Strategy
Maroochy Shire Council
An Integrated Public Art, Culture and Design Strategy to compliment a water sensitive urban design demonstration project in Cotton Tree on the Sunshine Coast. Situated in the centre of a loosely formed community and recreation precinct, the integration of water sensitive urban design has resulted in an enhanced pedestrian environment that prioritises ecologically sustainable approaches to natural resource management in the urban environment. The Strategy examined opportunities for consolidating the precinct, identified cultural opportunities and included an audit of community and recreational infrastructure. The project involved desktop research, fieldwork and phone interviews with local area stakeholders.

Indigenous Creative Industries Strategy
Brisbane City Council
Research and development of an economic development strategy in the creative industries to be applied in the Brisbane City Council area. As a precursor to the Indigenous Aspirations Strategy, it resulted in economic development opportunities for Brisbane’s Indigenous communities and ultimately in the formation of the Blak Business Smart Business Hub.

Other Projects

Our other projects have included:

  • Public Art Consultant, Great Wall Project, Maroochy Shire Council
  • Integrated Public Art & Design Strategy, Mooloolaba Spit, Maroochy Shire Council
  • Integrated Public Art & Design Strategy, Alexander Headlands to Cotton Tree, Maroochy Shire Council
  • Public Art Consultant, Coolum Boardwalk
  • Public Art Consultant, Thuringowah Shire Council
  • Public Art Consultant, Miles Shire Council
  • Public Art Consultant, Princess Alexandra Hospital
  • Project Development & Management, Queensland Indigenous Art & Craft Pavilion for ATSIC at the 2001 Goodwill Games, Brisbane
  • Project Development & Management, Australian Indigenous Art Exhibition for Department of Prime Minister & Cabinet at CHOGM 2, Coolum in 2002
  • Exhibition Project Development and Management ‘Dreamtime: The Dark & The Light’ for Sammlung Essl in Vienna, Austria
  • Integrated Cultural Opportunities Assessment, Princess Alexandra Hospital

Additionally, we have worked on cultural, enterprise and urban research and strategy projects including:

  • Business Development, Commercialisation, Facilitation & Research for small to medium enterprises including urban planning, creative industries and design practices
  • Research & Report, Scoping Needs Study for the Collections Sector in Queensland, Museum and Gallery Services Queensland & Arts Queensland
  • Concept and Project Development and Planning, Museum and Gallery Services Queensland
  • Commissioned lectures, writings and workshops on cultural ideas and issues
  • Arts and cultural projects

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