Harbinger Consultants

Culture + Complexity + Change


Harbinger Consultants works towards and supports positive impact and creative sustainability. A harbinger is something that heralds a future event, sometimes a sign, sometimes a message, sometimes a plan. We are all about working with our clients and their stakeholders to anticipate and create the best possible future.

As social, urban, regional and cultural strategists, we apply place-based and innovative approaches to develop enduring solutions, positive impact, and community wellbeing and prosperity. We engage clients and partners in achieving creative and connected places, communities and organisations. We work with government, community and private sector clients across those three priorities – both independently and as part of larger project teams. When playing a coordinating role, we purpose build collaborative and multidisciplinary teams for our projects.

Using investigative, deliberative and consultative methods, our work aims to deliver enduring and sustainable outcomes that are people and planet responsive and futures oriented. Working collaboratively with clients and other stakeholders, we tailor our ideas and methods to engage and activate the rich streams of intelligence, sense and passion that flow through communities, organisations and places.

Find out what we’ve been working on and doing at our BLOG.

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