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PROJECTS | Participation and process

In the last few weeks, there have been some significant shifts in our work. We work in a very flexible way and this means we often take on individual projects and roles as a way of working within communities for impact.

John is working as part of a team to develop an Indigenous enterprise and training initiative based on traditional knowledge. He has been tracking with this initiative for several years and most recently was involved in several planning meetings involving key stakeholders. He is also participating in the development of a training initiative in the Torres Strait.

John’s recent facilitation of creative practitioner masterclasses in Hervey Bay are testimony to his skills as a facilitator and communicator.

Linda’s PhD research continues with a focus on sustainable transitions in regional infrastructure planning. The transitions approach is based on complex systems thinking and aims to identify transitions pathways in social and technological contexts.

Linda is also facilitating a Students as Partners initiative with the Oodgeroo Unit at QUT to build student and staff collaboration. Recently, a collaborative workshop was held in which students and staff explored and co-designed ideas for working together to enhance student success.

Linda’s role with the Dementia Friendly Communities Advisory Committee continues and she recently participated in a face to face meeting in Sydney to discuss and contribute to the development of resources that will support people living with dementia.

Linda also contributed an article to IN PLACE, the digital magazine of Place Leaders Asia Pacific, examining what placemaking means for people living with dementia. The article is now published online.

Linda was offered a place in the ESRC STEPS Summer School on Pathways to Sustainability, at University of Sussex, UK. The Summer School is set to commence mid May.


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