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WORKSHOP | Reflection and discovery

On the weekend of 25 February, John facilitated two day-long workshops for artists in Hervey Bay. The workshops were designed as interactive and peer-based learning experiences that offered the participating artists insights through discussion and reflection.

Through the process, the artists shared knowledge and articulated community connections. They were highly engaged with each other and attentive to helping others in the collaborative learning context. Several participants noted that this helped them clarify and articulate their needs and thoughts – workshops work best when participants are fully engaged in discovery for themselves.

John also received some glowing feedback:

Thank you for helping me climb a mountain. I couldn’t have done it with your great communication and telling me on Saturday arvo that if I couldn’t do my artist statement it was ok. Best advice for me because I had to reach inside to find a place to focus and start. I am at the beginning of revealing what I have always known and what I love to do but honestly fear held me back.

You brought clarity to the cv, bio and artist statements but the standout for me was the way your teachings were cemented by actively apply that knowledge. Brilliant. It wasn’t easy, but now I feel there is hope for public speaking and I’m looking forward to taking the viewer along on my journey through the written word. It’s been a huge growth for me.

John will be delivering other workshops as part of the Flying Arts 2017 ‘by request’ workshop program. More information is available online.


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