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SERVICES | Skilled Facilitation

Harbinger Consultants are highly skilled facilitators, and we work with diverse organisations and groups in diverse and complex situations to achieve high-quality results. We are especially attuned to complex issues and processes that require nimble handling and problem solving.

Our experience, which includes government, strategic planning and design, community and cultural organisations, higher education and non-profit boards, also means we have a strong commitment to social leadership and effective participation to achieve organisational learning and development. Every meeting and decision-making point is an opportunity for an organisation or a community to grow. As members of IAP2 and Australian Facilitators Network, we have a professional approach and draw on a wealth of experience to achieve highly engaging and creative facilitation.

Our achievements include:

  • facilitating board and committee meetings to reach programming decisions and develop strategic and business planning
  • facilitating stakeholder engagement and multi-stakeholder workshops in regional and urban contexts to identify and rank community development priorities and needs
  • facilitating charettes and co-design processes to explore options for future planning and development paths including social and economic infrastructure, social innovation and enterprise and urban development options
  • facilitating regional development workshops that identify place-based strengths and opportunities for innovation
  • facilitating intercultural, creative and cultural processes
  • facilitating learning, dialogue and deliberation, including the use of Theory U

We are always keen to discuss and understand your needs. Please contact us for a chat.


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