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SUPPORT | Arts organisations lose funding

We were disappointed to hear news that over 60 small to medium arts organisations across the nation were defunded by the Australia Council in the most recent round of four year funding. We believe small to medium organisations are necessary and vital infrastructure for sustaining cultural and artistic industries nationally.

After hearing that a creative industries consultancy based in Sydney is offering free 45 minute consultations to arts and cultural organisations that have lost funding, Harbinger Consultants has decided to follow suit in Brisbane.

We can provide a limited number of one-off 45 minute consultations to Brisbane-based arts and cultural organisations that have been defunded. We are unsure how many organisations have lost funding in Brisbane but we hope to hear from those organisations that wish to debrief, brainstorm and canvas options in a one-to-one consultation.

We also hope other cultural consultants and experts will offer the same kind of support, but even better if government recognised this situation as warranting an emergency response. This situation is as destructive, if not more, as the closure of a meatworks or a car manufacturer. Nationally, many jobs will be lost as well as multiplier effects. The loss of arts and cultural activity does impact the competitiveness of cities and regions as well as reduce community-based cultural assets and cultural capital.


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