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CURATOR | AFTM Emerging Artists Curator Profile

Harbinger’s John Armstrong is the curator of Art from the Margins 2015 Emerging Artists Exhibition.

John Armstrong has a long career in the arts as a practitioner and manager. His current business, Harbinger Consultants, focuses on creativity, innovation, diversity and futures and provides research, consultation and other services to enhance cultural, community, organisational and urban environments.

John has been mentoring the 2015 Art from the Margins Emerging Artists in preparation for a group exhibition at The Graydon Gallery, New Farm. The seven emerging artists were selected from over 200 artists who entered the 2014 Art from the Margins Brisbane Festival Exhibition.

In the capacity of mentor, John met with the artists and provide professional feedback and discussions on developing and selecting works to display, guidance on presentation, pricing of works, working in the commercial world of art and further creative development.

“To practice art is to practice observing and observing is one way we make sense of our world,” John said.

“When an artist exhibits their artworks they are being generous and offering viewers the possibility of their own creative experience by seeing things a bit differently.

“We can imagine things that are not chained to reality or limited to what we already know and have experienced.

The AFTM 2015 Emerging Artists Exhibition opens this week on Wednesday April 8 at the Graydon Gallery, New Farm. Works will be on display until April 12, with an official launch on Thursday April 9 at 6pm.

More information about Art from the Margins is available from:


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  Cindy Beumer wrote @

What a great initiative and invaluable opportunity for emerging artists.

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