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The December issue of Artlink includes a feature article by Harbinger’s Linda Carroli. This month’s issue of Artlink is the first to be compiled by incoming editor, Eve Sullivan. Themed ‘Sustainability’ it aims to tackle ‘the big questions of art and life as we enter an age of new funding models, declining government revenue, apparent limits to growth and a need to be more efficient with the Earth’s resources’.

Linda’s article, ‘Relational Acts: Art, Commoning and Sustainability’, looks at commoning as it is expressed or experienced in three art projects based in South East Queensland: LEVEL, The Homesickness Project and Waterwheel. Each of the projects creates a common platform and foregrounds concerns about shared resources and space by engaging a range of strategies to address cultural and aesthetic issues grounded in equity, relational networks and shared resources. Taking the view that ‘the commons is about relations rather than property’ as Andrea Nightingale points out, the article considers how artists and designers play a role in the commons through diverse spatial and relational practices. This refers to elements that constitute the commons as well as practices, interfaces and infrastructures that reinterpret it. The projects stress the need for acting together.

Artlink is available from newsagents and bookstores. More information about Artlink online at:

The analysis that underpins this article is integral to the development of the Long Time, No See? project in the creation of a common platform comprised of an infrastructure, dialogue and relational processes, and a developing ethos of care that enables other ways of being in (and with) and experiencing the world.


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