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PROJECT | Long Time, No See? available for touring

For nearly two years, Harbinger’s Linda Carroli has been involved in a multidisciplinary and participatory art project, Long Time, No See? The project is presently screening at The Cube QUT in Brisbane.

Long Time, No See? is also available to visit your community or organisation to present the artwork and facilitate dialogues. We’ve developed Long Time, No See? as a highly portable and mobile project that can easily be hosted in and by communities worldwide. Our project team members can also be available to facilitate or advise either on site or remotely.

Download the prospectus – click here.

A prospectus is now available which outlines technical requirements and describes how we can assist you in presenting Long Time, No See? in your community. The prospectus outlines how the project can contribute to your community, catalyse community dialogues and encourage shared stories about place and the future.

Long Time, No See? has been successfully presented in exhibition, education, conference and festival contexts including as part of ISEA2013 in Sydney, The Cube – QUT in Brisbane, and MESH Cities in Dunedin. The project team has facilitated workshops and dialogues for diverse groups including students, librarians, educators and others.

If you are part of a cultural organisation, environmental group, school or any other community group, we welcome you to contact us with any questions or interest. If you just want to try it for yourself, we also encourage you to contact us. Please email info@long-time-no-see.org


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