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PUBLISH | Urban Form at the Edge

We’re pleased to announce the publication of Urban Form at the Edge: Proceedings from ISUF 2013, Volume 1, edited by Paul Sanders, Mirko Guaralda & Linda Carroli. Linda has been working with Professor Sanders and Dr Guaralda, both of QUT’s School of Design, for several months in the preparation of this volume.

The first volume of ISUF 2013 proceedings is available online from the Centre for Subtropical Design website and ISSUU. Co-published by QUT School of Design and ISUF, the papers address the conference theme of ‘urban form at the edge’, recognising that urban morphology as a field of study has developed primarily in Europe and North America, and more recently emerging as a recurrent topic in China and South America. As a counterpoint to this centric view, the ISUF 2013 conference explored ‘off centre areas’ such as India, Africa, Middle East, Central Asia and Australasia which require innovative approaches to the study of traditional, as well as post-colonial and contemporary, morphologies. Broader interpretations of urban form at the edge focus on minor centres and suburbia – with their developing and transilient character, edge cities and regional centres, and new technologies and approaches – are developing alongside established methods, tools and theories of urban morphology.

The ebook can be downloaded as a PDF from the Centre for Subtropical Design’s website and also at ISSUU. The second volume will be published later this year.


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