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MENTOR | QUT Career Mentoring Scheme


Above: Mathilde Bach Stougaard and John Armstrong at the 2014 Launch of the QUT Career Mentor Scheme.

Once again John is participating in the QUT Career Mentor Scheme and this year has been matched with Mathilde Bach Stougaard who is completing her Master of Creative Industries in the area of Arts Management concentrating on creative and cultural tourism. John is providing guidance and information that will assist Mathilde in realising her goal of an innovative new small business offering houseboat accommodation with embedded arts themes and experiences. Mathilde is an international student from Denmark and so John’s extensive knowledge of the Australian creative sector is one of the key topics discussed during their regular meetings. John is also providing advice on how a creative entrepreneur can apply the notions of bricolage to an initial concept to actualise a new enterprise.

Essentially, bricolage is a particular form of resourcefulness that has three key elements:

  1. Utilising resources at hand. Bricoleurs utilise resources at their disposal.
  2. Recombining resources in novel ways. Bricoleurs tend to be tinkerers, who adapt and combine resources.
  3. Making do. Bricoleurs are happy so long as they find a workable solution.

Given the difficulty of securing start up funds for a new business then the application of bricolage thinking and planning can result in a new permutation of an original idea that has more possibility of becoming a reality.

The main reason John participates in the Career Mentor Scheme is his firm belief in sharing and collaborating as the proper way to do things – his long history in education and management has focussed on working with people to realise their potential. And, he also thoroughly enjoys a good yarn!


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