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RESEARCH | Enhancing our research capability

Research is one of our core activities and capabilities at Harbinger. We are committed to developing our research capabilities with a view to developing solid interpretive, analytical and evidence based approaches to our work.

Linda’s work on her masters thesis is well underway and she is focusing her work on networked governance in relation to infrastructure decision making. Networked governance is an important idea for urban and regional planning and development, given the increasingly complex interactions between stakeholders. Linda’s research is focused on the interactions between government as a specific set of stakeholders who occupy highly political positions and exert considerable influence in complex decision making processes.

According to William D. Eggers, “The traditional, hierarchical government model simply does not meet the demands of this complex, rapidly changing age. Rigid bureaucratic systems with command-and-control procedures, narrow work restrictions and inward-looking cultures and operational models are particularly ill suited to addressing problems that often transcend organisational boundaries.” There is a need for significant cultural and organisational change in government to facilitate a more networked approach and to accommodate the changing role of government. Linda’s research will be considering two case studies: the Gold Coast Light Rail project and Brisbane’s BaT Tunnel, which replaces the Cross-River Rail. Globally, emergent governance models include the Greater Manchester City Deal which is empowering cities to deliver major projects without central government control. It’s a model that has received significant airplay in Australia given the sometimes fractious relations between the levels of government.

Over the last month, Linda has also been working on a research project with QUT School of Design. She has been undertaking site observations as part of a project investigating the place dynamics of knowledge precincts. Her work involved documenting the ways in which public space was used. The data capture process involved annotated sketch maps as well as written notes.

Our work with universities is diverse and John is continuing to work on stakeholder engagement and partnership brokering for Indigenous led enterprise and economic development research project with the Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research, based at QUT.


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