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We’ve been enjoying some professional development lately with our recent participation in the IAP2 Masterclass Increasing Engagement Value and Impact and also participation in CLICK! Digital Expo 2014 presented by RDA Brisbane at Brisbane City Hall.

As Deputy Chair of RDA Brisbane, Linda facilitated and chaired some of the CLICK! sessions over the two half days. CLICK! offered SMEs and Non-profits the opportunity to learn about opportunities availed by ICT including the cloud, broadband, mobile media and social media.

This week Linda will be participating in the Benevolent Society’s Adaptive Leadership program: “adaptive leadership is about working in uncertainty and ambiguity to discover new ways forward”. The four day residential program offers a different approach to leadership helping you make progress on many complicated issues, including: difficult colleagues, organisational politics and lack of purpose, and even broader challenges like homelessness, education and the environment.

The program can show participants how to identify and diagnose adaptive problems, understand the potential barriers to success, and work out how to find a solution. The program compliments Linda’s current research into complex decision making which is attentive to emergent and relational approaches to governance.

Programs such as the IAP2 Masterclass and the Adaptive Leadership training are very much pitched at integrative learning and practice. For us, it’s about keeping our practice and thinking fresh.


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