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Last year Harbinger Consultants engaged the Lord Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council in a Vibrant and Creative City Placemaking Workshop. Through a facilitated process, with ourselves and artist Britta Gudd, participants developed proposals for public space improvements in their local areas or areas they know well. The proposals included interventions and improvements for parks, community facilities, and other public spaces in suburban and urban environments to make them more ‘youth friendly’. The proposals were presented to local Councillors for further consideration and one of the proposals has successfully been realised with funding provided by their local Councillor.

A group of young people, including the originators of the initial proposal, have been working with a local artist to realise a public artwork for Oriel Park in Ascot. The proposal has seen significant development since the original idea and will result in a unique and relevant expression of youth identity and community. The young people have shown great initiative as emerging civic and place leaders in seeking improvements for their local area.

An article from the local Quest Newspaper (City North News, 6 March 2014) provides an indication of the work in progress, featuring brightly painted ‘totem poles’. We congratulate everyone involved for sharing the vision and passion of placemaking in our city and suburbs, and were delighted to have been involved in working with young people to provide some foundations of public art and placemaking.

Quest Community eNewspapers - City North News - 6 Mar 2014 - Pag


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  Jason Haigh wrote @

Great little project John and Linda. I will have to keep my eye out for it.

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