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EVENT | Creative Conversations

Creative Conversations is a Brisbane based group exploring cultural diversity through the arts and providing opportunities for artists who have a refugee experience. With the purpose of enabling artists to pursue their creative goals by helping them build networks and contacts within the Queensland art scene.

The artists’ group has a major exhibition, “Creative Conversations – Making Sense With Art” at the State Library of Queensland running from Friday, 30 May through to Sunday, 8 June 2014.

John has been a long time supporter of Creative Conversations and was pleased to be invited to attend a one day workshop to generate artist statements and other information for the exhibition. He spent time talking with artists from Sri Lanka, Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan, hearing their stories of loss and survival, grief and hope, with a view to helping each artist develop their artist’s statement. He gained better understanding about the importance of simply being permitted to make art with some artists having been subject to death threats for artistic practice. Capturing these enormous experiences in an artist’s statement was a great challenge.

Creative Conversations aims to address the creative needs of Queensland’s emerging communities. Currently their contributions to the art sector are under-recognised and under-valued – through this initiative it is  hoped to both enrich the art scene by greater artistic diversity and enrich the public debate, contributing personal stories to social issues. Ultimately, it is an ongoing conversation. Look forward to seeing you in May!


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