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For a few years, we’ve been collecting Outsider Art and have now built a modest collection. This year our collection grew with the purchase of new works through the recent Art from the Margins‘ annual award and exhibition as part of the Brisbane Festival. John has been involved with Art from the Margins and other arts and disability organisations and projects for several years. We have also undertaken studies, evaluations and others projects for  Access Arts with a view to contributing to social inclusion and community wellbeing. As the inaugural and former Director of ArtSynC, an arts incubator on the Sunshine Coast, John also instigated programs that engaged people with disabilities in creative and arts workshops, resulting in exhibitions and our initial acquisitions.

We’re keen to encourage others to collect and appreciate Outsider Art, so we are sharing some of the smaller works from our collection. These works hang in our office space and are part of our everyday life. It is our intention to catalogue our collection and also develop a resource on Outsider Art that engages audiences and builds awareness.

Damien Le Ray, Kintore Street School, 2013 (new acquisition)

Joan Koenig, Court of Crown & Decency, 2012

Renee Bonney, Vegemite and Cheese on Toast, 2011

Belinda Peel, Queen Flight, 2011



  pipskyJude Pippen wrote @

Thanks for sharing these. I have a treasure from an early Access Arts exhibition Jude

  lcarroli wrote @

Marvellous!! They are very special works – often humourous, obsessive, surprising and tragic.

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