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Next month, Linda will be travelling to SCAPE Public Art Biennial in Christchurch, New Zealand. She will be participating in an opening weekend forum themed ‘Making the Strange Familiar (When the Familiar Seems Strange)’ which will be chaired by Physics Room director Melanie Oliver on 29 September. The forum will explore ideas of change, place, strangeness and unsettlement and the role of art and artists in negotiating both strangeness and familiarity. The forum promises to draw out responses to the rebuilding of Christchurch since the earthquake and the role an event like SCAPE can play in responding to change.

Linda is also writing a critical essay about the work of one of the participating artists. The list of SCAPE participating artists was recently released and is available on the website. The artists are producing new works of public art for the temporary public art walkway which will lead locals and visitors through a range of experiences, beginning in the Christchurch Botanic Gardens across the central city and down to High Street. The full program of SCAPE will be available online from 9 September.

While at SCAPE, Linda will also be writing the final text for her Fieldworking project and, if possible, undertake some walks and workshops for the Long Time, No See? Project.

Also, Linda will be doing some research for Forecast Public Art as part of their Great Public Art Scavenger Hunt. Linda will be seeking innovative and interesting public artworks that could qualify for the International Public Art Awards (IAPA). The Institute for Public Art is also calling for submissions and suggestions for the IAPA. Further information is available online.


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