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LAUNCH | Long Time, No See? Project


After nearly a year of development, Long Time, No See? will premiere at Electric Nights, presented by ISEA2013 and Parramatta City Council, on Friday 14 June at the Riverside Theatre. The Long Time, No See? creative team will also be running workshops in conjunction with ICE on 15 June in Parramatta.

Long Time, No See? is a participatory project that draws participants into an innovative arts based engagement with ecological sustainability and climate change. Drawing on practices such as resilience circles, social learning and commoning and through the use of mobile devices, the project prompts participants through a process of thinking, mapping, talking and walking in their locality with a view to provoking grounded reflection about care and futuring. The intent is to map the intensities of shared values and commitment to sustainability in a gradually expanding global network of affinity and momentum for change, set against and embedded into a web-based generative visualisation and sonification of massive datasets.

The Long Time, No See? project is running a series of workshops engaging broadband enabled communities with a view to providing a platform for guided conversations and awareness raising, also leaving a legacy of grassroots organising and facilitation that can extend far beyond the project. The objective is to build local collaborative resilience, capacity and governance. This engagement will happen in both workshop and DIY modes using freely available tools and resources. The growing global network is also captured through social media, such as a facebook group. The project was one of four funded nationally by the Australia Council’s Broadband Arts Initiative.

Both Linda and John have played roles in this innovative multidisciplinary project with Linda contributing to the artistic development – particularly narrative and writing – and developing the participation design as a socially engaged, relational and enabling process. John has worked with the project team through facilitated discussions and presentations, including the recent presentation at Balance Unbalance where work in progress was previewed. The Enabling Suburbs project team has also played a role in testing tools and resources in development.


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