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While some of our projects have successfully concluded, as reported in the last post, others continue to rumble away. Our work often involves partnering or ‘pitching in’ with collaborative project teams and this includes our project involvements in Long Time, No See?, the Indigenous Led Entrepreneurship and Enterprise project and North Lakes Bus Station public art project.

Our work on the Long Time, No See? project is ramping up with ongoing community participation and the continuing development of the website and smartphone apps in readiness for presentations as part of two major international events. In less than a month, the Long Time, No See? project team will present a panel discussion at Balance Unbalance and a Community Catalyst workshop as part of Floating Land in Noosa. Following that, in mid June, the Long Time, No See? project will be officially launched at ICE in Parramatta as part of ISEA Sydney. This will see the unveilling of the project in its entirety after nearly a year’s development. Long Time, No See? was one of four projects funded by the Australia Council under the Broadband Arts Initiative and intended to demonstrate the creative potential of the NBN.

For North Lakes Bus Station, project artists Leah King-Smith and Lucas Salton have undertaken site visits with Harbinger’s John Armstrong in readiness for the fabrication and installation of their public artworks.

QUT’s Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research (ACER) Indigenous Led Entrepreneurship and Enterprise project is gathering momentum with project stakeholders seeking involvement in the proposed program of research. Our role in stakeholder engagement is working towards the development of a major a research project proposal that will see ACER collaborating with industry and community partners.

We have also been invited to collaborate on the development of an international project with MADE based in the UK and in partnership with QUT. While the project bid outcome won’t be known for some time and some say it’s bad luck to talk about proposals, we have relished working on the bid. Often, as consultants, there is something to learn from the kind of problem solving and questioning that writing tenders and bids entails. If the proposal succeeds, it will draw on the creative and intellectual resources of the Enabling Suburbs project – which Harbinger Consultants founded – pooled with an international team of urban designers and practitioners with a view to collaboratively catalysing a public art intervention. There are also links with this proposal to Linda’s current writing project, Fieldworking, and there is an opportunity to explore these ideas further through some field-based writing regardless of whether the project bid is successful.


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