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It’s not often that we post information about products or platforms, but we’ve just been reading about Sparkwise, an online dashboard for measuring NFP impact in an accessible, visual and innovative way. The objective is to put data to good use: “By collecting and comparing all kinds of metrics in all kinds of ways – and combining those raw numbers with video, audio, text feeds and PDFs – your data becomes a moving story.” We’ve seen a number of corporate responsibility dashboards, like CRedit360, but this is a tool for enabling NFPs to enhance their performance and promote their purpose. We also really like that it is free and open source. It’s not just for NFPs though – a FastCompany article points out that it can be used by independent media organisations and individual changemakers. We’d like to see arts organisations, public institutions (like libraries and museums) and government departments using something like this too. We’d also like to see this kind of capability and approach used in developing environmental and social impact assessments, or place management, or cultural plans, or community plans – the time is coming where long form written and technical reports warrant different approaches but where the principle of evidence-based decision making and shared value is retained. The possibilities!


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