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WATCH | Solving Challenges in Regional Australia: Can Localism work?

This video documentation from a seminar on Solving Challenges in Regional Australia: Can Localism work? has some interesting comments about localism in regional Australia.

A recent survey of Commonwealth departments and agencies identified several approaches to localism coexisting in one sector (ANZSIG, 2012). What does localism mean in practice? How can it help generate solutions to the problems we are confronting in rural and regional Australia? Does it involve the delegation of decision-making powers and/or delivery functions to the Community or is it really about more informed consultation to legitimate decisions that have already been taken at Commonwealth and State levels? Are we genuinely entering an era of citizen-centric governance in Australia or is this just populist rhetoric aimed to disappoint and further disconnect Canberra from the Australian citizenry?


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  pipskyJude Pippen wrote @

This is interesting in the light of conversations I am having in a community that is trying to de-amalgamate- there are clear service delivery and economic development issues on the table with Regional governance, distances and complex bureaucracy

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