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Some of our projects are reaching culmination while new projects are due to commence soon. This week John will oversee the installation of public artworks at the Fitzgibbon Community Centre. The project involves artist Lucas Salton who has co-designed paving treatments based on native bee flight paths and several display domes which house community sculptures developed by artists Britta Gudd and Andrea Fisher in community workshops. The official opening for the Centre is yet to be confirmed.

John has just returned from the Torres Strait where he was working on community and stakeholder consultation for the development of a community cultural plan for Erub Island, commissioned by the Torres Strait Regional Authority. The consultation involved daily workshops addressing central themes – people, places, practices, protocols, partnerships and promotion – with community as well as interviews with a range of stakeholders and champions. The draft plan will be reviewed and workshopped with the community in the near future. On his trip home, after nearly two weeks of intensive talking and learning, John was thrilled to meet the renowned Seaman Dan (photo above).

Our work on the Southbank Tunnels continues with artist Mandy Ridley’s design for the tunnel site at Ernest Street well underway. Her research process has included an exploration of the rail history of Brisbane and linkages to her own interest in pattern and decoration. The curatorial thematic, ‘Fabric’, extends an invitation to the artist to explore multiple aspects of fabric, particularly the exchange between relational, historic, experiential and social dimensions and the physical form the city. The intention is to restitch the urban fabric by recognising the context of the tunnel and revelling in the patterns of community and place to restore continuity and integrity.

We are also pleased to be involved in two projects at Tambo for Blackall Tambo Regional Council. The first project extends the work undertaken for a cultural heritage facility feasibility study through a destination management study. The intention of this brief study is to investigate aspects of visitor experience with a view to developing and consolidating Tambo’s destination management so as to further leverage Tambo’s cultural, heritage and tourism assets in a regional context. With our expertise in community infrastructure, planning and asset building, we will also be undertaking strategic and operational planning for the Tambo Multipurpose Facility, which serves as a node for health and community services.

A new art magazine is currently in development and John will be interviewed by editor Liz Ruinard for this digital publishing venture, forme/informe. John will address a range of theoretical and practical considerations about public art.

Linda has been invited to participate in the project, Long Time No See, developed by artist Keith Armstrong who has assembled an interdisciplinary team of artists and cultural producers. The project is funded through the Australia Council’s Broadband Arts Initiative. As a community catalyst, Linda will work with the project to develop strategies for community engagement which will target strategic broadband enabled sites, such as the locality of Aspley. The result of the project will be an innovative and open artwork that explores themes of sustainability, time and futuring.

Linda will also be travelling to the Hunter Valley and Sydney in the near future to undertake research for the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Assessment projects she is working on for Connect for Effect.



  pipskyJude Pippen wrote @

Wow you guys are powering! Make sure you send a link to the new publication forme/informe – hunger to read it makes me realise I am not dead yet! Jude

  lcarroli wrote @

It sounds like a good initiative. When it’s out, I will certainly let you know the URL. Take care and keep reading!!. xx

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