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A couple of notes about some of our recent voluntary efforts – what we refer to as our ‘other work’. We find this enhances our practice in numerous ways. As an artist, John has been working in photography. This includes the creative, sometimes subversive, use of the panorama function of the smart phone camera. One of John’s photographs has been selected for exhibition and competition in the 2012 Josephine Ulrick and Win Shubert Photography Award. The exhibition will open to 31 March 2012 and run until Sunday 13 May at the Gold Coast City Gallery. Also, Linda will be reviewing the anthology, From Social Butterfly to Engaged Citizen, edited by Marcus Foth, Laura Forlano, Christine Satchell and Martin Gibbs, for Gateways: International Journal of Community Research and Engagement. The book is an edited anthology of papers initially presented at a QUT seminar of the same name, which Linda attended to inform Harbinger’s approach to public engagement. Both the book and seminar featured academic research and projects that exemplify the use of social media in civic dynamics. Earlier this year, Linda was invited to peer review the Green Star Communities Rating Tool developed by the Green Buildings Council of Australia. The Green Star – Communities rating tool is Australia’s first independent, transparent, national scheme able to assess and certify the sustainability of community-level projects.

This week, in her role as Deputy Chair of RDA Brisbane, Linda participated in a Stakeholder Forum addressing the recommendations of RDA Brisbane’s report Skills Shortages in the Greater Brisbane Labour Market 2012-2021. The forum was comprised of five cross-sector working groups, one of which was facilitated by Linda. The report projects that Brisbane will experience a serious skills shortage, with an extra 343,000 jobs created in the Greater Brisbane labour market by 2021. There is a projected shortfall of professionals and managers, and lesser demand for lower skilled, entry level workers. The Forum also heard about recent economic development initiatives including the 2012-2031 Brisbane Economic Development Plan and Brisbane’s Unique Window of Opportunity. The purpose of the Forum was to engage key stakeholders in the development of practical and achievable actions in the formulation of an Action and Implementation Agenda.


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