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Our project work is gathering momentum with new public art initiatives for TransLink and the ULDA, as well as involvement in several Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Assessments in New South Wales, which has necessitated research at AIATSIS in Canberra. This week, Linda heads off to Adelaide for the Economic Development Australia conference examining future economic opportunities availed by the digital economy. This event will detail the context of the possibilities that broadband will offer economic and community development and address the formation of regional strategies. Linda’s extensive involvement in new media arts and our shared engagement with creative industries means we are particularly attuned to the cultural, community and creative dimensions of the digital economy. Linda will be participating in a Master Class which will explore some of these questions and opportunities in depth.

Also, we’ve launched a new studio project titled Enabling Suburbs with colleagues Jason Haigh and Chiara Camponeschi to explore alternative possibilities and speculative futures for our suburbs through an interdisiplinary conversation. Our studio projects offer an opportunity for practice-led research through which we can develop innovative responses to a range of issues and pressures. Taking our own suburb of Aspley as a case study, we hope to explore how to enable positive change for sustainability. We recently requested a copy of ARUP’s Drivers of Change cards. Drivers of Change helps explore leading factors which will affect our world in the future. As an effective visual presentation of research, this publication is a planning tool that helps the user to ask the right questions in order to plan effectively for the future. It investigates themes including: energy, waste, climate change, water, demographics, urbanisation and poverty. Each card depicts a single driver. A factoid and rhetorical question are on one face, backed up by a more detailed exploration of the issue on the reverse. We anticipate using the cards to challenge our thinking about change while also engaging communities in deeper conversations about  change.


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