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UPDATE | Very engaging

Public art workshops with the community in Fitzgibbon and surrounds have now been completed. These workshops led by artists, Andrea Fisher and Britta Gudd, were held with Taigum Primary School, Koobara Kindergarten and members of the Fitzgibbon community. Involving children and adults, the workshops resulted in a magnificent menagerie to populate a fantasy world hidden in the gardens around the new community centre. We look forward to bringing you more images of the work in progress as the project moves into the next stage. The workshops have played a role in community engagement and development while providing local residents with an opportunity to participate in a creative process.

Since publishing our report on SEQ Community Attitudes to Consultation and Engagement, which has been well received to date, we’ve become aware of an excellent resource for Local Government. The Institute for Sustainable Futures (UTS) has compiled a 16-page list of free resources for community engagement practitioners and policy makers from across Australia and beyond. All the resources listed in Local Government and Community Engagement: Annotated Bibliography can be downloaded free of charge. Commissioned by the Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Governance, the document includes research papers, literature reviews, how-to guides, journal articles, local council policies, case studies, wikis and key publications. Such resources for developing informed and leading practice are vital for addressing some of the concerns expressed in our study.


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