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Further to our earlier post noting the dimensions and relationships within our work – as People, Place, Product, Potential, Partnership + Pollinating – it is also useful to note our methods or processes i.e. what we provide. Harbinger works through and across related and relational enabling, transformative and strategic processes.

We facilitate meetings and group processes to enable visioning, dialogue, communication, questioning, design and deliberation. Projects involving facilitation have included Moreton Bay Regional Council Cultural Plan, Ipswich City Council Cultural and Arts Strategy, Community Engagement for the Fitzgibbon Community Centre, and Strategic Planning and Visioning with SEQICC and RDA Brisbane.

We understand design and planning as integrated. Designing involves creating plans. Planning, therefore, involves some degree of design thinking. Our work involves significant design and planning activity whether it’s designing facilitation processes or developing plans, such as the Regional Roadmap for RDA Brisbane. The process recognises the relationship between problems and solutions as with our recent cultural heritage work in Blackall-Tambo through which we have explored the feasibility of a project.

There is a curatorial dimension in planning that is most apparent in our public art masterplanning and cultural planning. Our curatorial work involves communities, clients and artists in dynamic dialogues and negotiations. Curating cultivates a sense of care for place, space and site that manifests as public artworks, community facilities and other cultural expressions. In our work at Oonoonba in Townsville, the curatorial undertaking has responded to the natural, military, cultural and agricultural stories of an urban development site.

Through writing, research and reporting, our work engages and unfolds in narratives, scenarios or stories. To write a plan, for example, is to write a script to the future and, in facilitating discussions about that planning process, others are creating and participating in that narrative. In drawing out and valuing cultural heritage, we are exploring historical narratives of place and community in a way that brings meaning into the present and future. Public artworks and curatorial strategies also unfold as stories of a place.


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