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PROFILE | Five Ps + One

We’ve been working on our profiling lately, refining and developing a set of approaches that give our work depth and breadth while also recognising a need for dynamic and flexible strategy. As noted in an earlier post, our work is focused on creative sustainability. By this, we mean an integrative and adaptive approach to social, cultural, urban and regional capital and resilience. Our work is about …

  • People meaning you, me, us, community, organisations … Our work is people-focused.
  • Place meaning here, there and everywhere. It’s a site, a building, the planet, the city, the town and the region – and what that means … Our work is place-based.
  • Product meaning valuing what is on offer, developing programming and recognising capacity. Its tangible and intangible. It’s identity, spirit, culture, message, enterprise and community … Our work is about understanding the product dimensions of people and place.
  • Potential meaning leveraging opportunities and assets to solve problems, innovate and create the future. It’s about learning, development and strategy … Our work recognises and realises potential.
  • Partnership meaning linkages, collaboration, exchange and working together. It means ‘joined up’ approaches and understanding that working together can bring out the best of everyone involved … Our work is partnership oriented.

Additionally, we’ve started to think about our work as catalysts for development. There’s a Plus sign because there’s always more value we can add! So, we’ve added ‘Pollinating’ to our multiple P framework. It’s a verb – a doing word – and it means connecting and creating; it involves social foresight, prospection and long term thinking. With it, we will creatively activate those other Ps by ensuring our work is thoughtfully opportunistic, facilitation oriented, ideas driven, evidence based, and knowledge rich.


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