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PROJECTS | Public art, community engagement, cultural tourism, local leadership

Our practice is geared towards sustainable planning and strategy directed for culture, community and communication. This week, several new projects have been confirmed which highlight our strengths in these key areas. John will be facilitating community engagement and creative development for a public art project in an historic site in Oonoonba, Townsville, and public art planning for public transport infrastructure in Brisbane. We will also be moving on to the feasibility stage for a cultural heritage tourism facility in Central Western Queensland to complete further planning and development addressing local economic development, rural regeneration and destinational/place management objectives. More details about these projects will be available as they evolve. To celebrate NAIDOC Week, John is also joining the SEQICC at a business breakfast held at Parliament House today. The event will highlight Indigenous business in South East Queensland – economic participation, the Indigenous business landscape and partnerships will be the focus of the morning.

Also, Linda has been commissioned by the Sustainable Cities Collective to undertake a series of interviews with municipal Mayors of major urban centres for a project focusing on sustainability. Mayors have a vital role to play in advocating for sustainability and leading change. Local governments catalyse sustainable development in diverse ways, from building cycle paths to saving energy and using renewable energy sources. ICLEI states that, at the local level, sustainable development is about saving environmental resources, providing good quality of life for all and developing a healthy economy. As community and political leaders, municipal Mayors have a major role to play in ensuring their administration builds a legacy of sustainability and adaptivity measures that are reflected in policy and implemented in programs. A report by the Sierra Club notes that the original impetus for sustainability measures at the municipal level ordinarily comes from a mayor or councilperson. Recently in Sydney, Mayor Clover Moore, signed an agreement with companies that own almost 60 per cent of Sydney’s commercial office space to slash carbon emissions by building new systems to cut power and water use. The City of Melbourne is one of the first councils in Australia to be recognised as a Climate Adaptation Champion in recognition of its innovative approach to environmental sustainability. The Council’s 1200 Buildings retrofit program will seek to substantially improve water and energy efficiency in two thirds of the municipality’s commercial building stock and help reduce costs associated with running a building in a warmer climate.


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