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FAQ | Survey on Community Attitudes to Consultation and Engagement in SEQ

We have received several emails asking questions about the Survey on Community Attitudes to Consultation and Engagement in South East Queensland. The survey is online at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/KRS3KL5. In the interests of transparency, we thought it would help others if we shared the questions and our responses.

1. Who has commissioned this survey?

The survey has not been commissioned. It is instigated by Harbinger Consultants, a small consultancy based in the northern suburbs of Brisbane, as spot research we felt was needed and valid. We work in community consultation and engagement as independent practitioners – for more information please see our website https://harbingerconsultants.wordpress.com

2. What is the motivation and purpose of the survey?

Our work includes community consultation and engagement and we were increasingly receiving mixed messages from the community about these processes – a mix of wariness, weariness, hope and obligation. We were also noting a lot of resident action and opposition coalescing. It added up to a sense that these processes may not be working for residents. We decided to do this survey as spot research to see if our observations were more broadly reflected in the SEQ region. Through our work, we had a sense that ‘something is going on’ and hoped to do this research to establish more of what that something might be.

We felt that as a starting point this research could establish indications and possible directions for further research and broader conversations in the community and profession. Ultimately, we are committed to good quality dialogue and real engagement in quite complex situations.

3. Is there a particular hypothesis attached to the survey which the data may prove or disprove?

Other than a sense that there is ‘something going on’, we have no hypothesis. We have heard people talk about ‘consultation fatigue’ and were interested to know if there were other dynamics and attitudes at play. The survey itself is not scientific or academic – we’ve sent out an invitation to participate via email, social networks, community organisations and local newspapers. So it’s viral and dependent on word of mouth promotion.

4. Will respondents and/or the public be able to read the full report on the data and interpretations of same?

We will make the results public. We intend to do so via our website, document sharing, social media and media.

Please be in touch by email if you have any further questions.


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