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PROJECT | Changescaping: work in progress

In 2009, Linda commenced work on an ongoing project titled Placing. She received funding from the Visual Arts Board of the Australia Council to initiate a cultural writing project exploring ideas about writing place and place writing. Since then, Placing has evolved by way of the PlaceBlog, which captures thinking and work in progress, and Linda has written several articles and essays which draw on the research. Of particular note was her participation in the Writing Architecture Symposium and the production of a small publication as part of Proboscis’ Transformations Series using the publishing platforms of Storycube and Bookleteer. She has also participated in numerous labs, seminars and workshops as part of the research process.

Presently, Linda is working on a publication to be titled Changescaping and work in progress is posted to the PlaceBlog. Changescaping engages one of the project’s overall objectives to draw out emerging and protean ideas about urban environments with a particular emphasis on the role artists, designers, planners, architects and other urbanists can play as changemakers. The work seeks to profile and foreground work happening in the Australian context, as it can seem that Australians aren’t prominently featured in the discussions about DIY urbanism, urban interventions and the like. Changescaping also aims to think beyond categories like ‘DIY urbanism’ and ‘urban intervention’ as a way of potentiating and tracing new trajectories for planning, design and art in the urban environment, as well as cutting across typologies and disciplines. In the context of our work through Harbinger Consultants, this research feeds our own work about community, culture and place.

The publication will have five sections, which are outlined at PlaceBlog, and drafts of the articles that comprise the first section have now been posted to the PlaceBlog. Themed ‘Thought’, this first section presents ideas, provocations, propositions, scenarios, designs and what ifs. The intention here is to embrace the difference in these ideas as a way of rethinking our cities and settlements. Context and connection are also traced and this provides a greater sense of where and how such thinking is happening, catalysed and carried: at workshops or labs, in response to client briefs, in response to industry and market distortions, a sense that something has to be done. The works presented online are:


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