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In the past month, Queensland has been hit by two natural disasters – flooding across 75% of the state and a tropical cyclone in Far North Queensland (the worst cyclone to ever strike the country). These events are sobering, shocking and tragic. Fortunately for us, we have not been directly impacted by these disasters. However, we are committed to supporting the state’s communities, local authorities and businesses in recovery and rebuilding efforts. We’ve been listening to advice and are committing to the following actions:

1. Buy Queensland – made and grown – wherever possible, especially small businesses
2. Donate to the Premier’s disaster relief appeal
3. Support and participate in other fundraising efforts
4. Provide our services and expertise to rebuilding efforts at competitive rates or pro bono especially to local authorities and community organisations – we are keen to work on developing place-based renewal and recovery programs
5. Donate time to recovery efforts – we have registered with Volunteering Queensland
6. Holiday and day trip in Queensland
7. Donate to humanitarian and relief agencies such as Red Cross, Lifeline and RSPCA which are coordinating disaster response
8. Attend cultural events and markets that provide outlets for local growers, artists, craftspeople and other creatives

If we think of any other ideas, then we’ll add them to the list.

We’ve also started working on Re:Grow, a specific response targeting flood affected individuals and families by providing seedlings and cuttings to help re-establish lost and damaged gardens. For those who are able to stay in their homes after the flood, they will be looking at working on their gardens in the near future. We felt that, after the initial wave of response, there will be a need to ensure that there is ongoing support for flood affected communities and households. We also suspected that the nursery and growing industry will be impacted by this event. John found out that following other destructive events in Brisbane, there was a call for help with gardens about two months after the event. After the flood struck, we came up with the idea of giving plants to flood affected households to help regrow gardens in our sub-tropical region. We’ve planted over 200 seeds of natives, herbs and vegetables – with more to come – as well as taken some cuttings from our own well-established garden. Our gardening friends are also potting and cutting. In the near future, we will contact ward offices to establish a process for distributing these seedlings in Brisbane’s flood affected areas.



  pipsky wrote @

This is really good thinking- we @ Creative Regions are working on a company and a regional response too- it is time for creative solutions! Thanks for giving such a great lead Jude

  lcarroli wrote @

great stuff judy. happy to pool ideas and keen to know how creative regions responds.

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