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AWARENESS | More Rs than recycling

Even though National Recycling Week has now finished, we want everyone to know that there’s more you can do to minimise your environmental impact by aspiring to zero waste. PlanetGreen.com has published a list of Seven Rs and we’re republishing them here as a reminder to ourselves that there’s more we can do in the way we live and operate our business.

  • Refuse: Simply don’t buy stuff that is overpackaged
  • Rot: Compost what is left over, turning it into valuable nutrients
  • Refill: In Ontario Canada, 88% of beer bottles are returned to the beer store, washed and refilled; just south of the border in the USA, the number drops to under 5%.
  • Return: Producers should take back what they sell. More and more of them, like Apple and Dell, are doing so now
  • Repair: Fix and mend things rather than replacing them
  • Repurpose: If you are handy, a lot of things can be put to different uses than they were originally intended
  • Reduce: Just use less
  • Reuse: Almost boring, but we throw too much stuff out too soon
  • Recycle: Reducing waste by processing used or abandoned materials for use in creating new products

More information about the original list is at http://planetgreen.discovery.com/home-garden/gozero-waste.html.


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