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IDEAS | Engaging in July

We’re preparing for a busy and stimulating few months. On top of our regional development and placemaking projects, we’re always engaging with new ideas in various forums around the country.

Later this month, John will be attending a two day symposium at the Sydney Opera House. HotHouse is initiated and led by the National Institute for Experimental Arts (NIEA) at UNSW in association with Object: Australian Centre for Craft and Design and the City of Sydney. The event is described as a “collective experiment” bringing together artists, designers, curators and creative thinkers in a quest to develop models for sustainable environmental change. It calls upon art and design to offer practical means of transforming spaces, environments, and even cities in ways that are enduring and energising, and that, most importantly, engage all sectors of the community. The symposium includes an international array of

Linda will be participating in the Writing Architecture Symposium and Workshop. At the symposium she will be presenting a paper addressing what writing and journalism can do with, to, about and for architecture as part of a larger imperative of communicating about and connecting with sustainability, place and community. In the workshop, she will be considering how to apply learnings to a new project involving GIS and writing place.


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