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PROGRESS | Fitzgibbon Public Art

Devised by Harbinger Consultants, an initial public art initiative for the first release of the Urban Land Development Authority’s Fitzgibbon project is well underway. With funding from art + place, the State Government’s public art funding program, John Armstrong is working with Brisbane-based artists Barbara Penrose and Nameer Davis to develop ‘tuned railings’ which will be installed in various locations on the site.

John’s approach to the public art in this first iteration of the public art program is to focus on interactivity, play and children in this new community. By running a hand or stick along the tuned railings a tune will be played. This giant musical instrument will be permanently installed on-site including over the bridge that crosses the waterway, enabling passersby to consider the harmonies of new and emerging communities, both social and natural.

John is also commencing work on the public art planning for the entire Fitzgibbon development, which is anticipated to accommodate 3500 residents and feature district level park and community facilities. The public art program is facilitating opportunities for community engagement and place shaping through an integrated design, curatorial and planning process involving a commitment to place making in suburban communities.


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  Diehl Art Gallery wrote @

Sounds like a great public arts project!

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