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PROCESS | Dream a little

Dreaming is an important part of life. As part of our enterprise we find that it’s important to focus on those dreams and what inspires us. One of our preferred methods is Appreciative Inquiry, which has dreaming embedded in its 4D process. In this context, dreaming is about what might be. It’s a creative process that explores possibilities. It’s just as important in any co-creation or planning process as evidence and research. What we enjoy most about dreaming is that it is potentially disruptive because it provokes and catalyses other ways of thinking about a challenge. It promotes learning. Potentially, those challenges are recast as opportunities and often that can mean approaching an issue in a completely different way. Our dreaming often manifests in some of our studio based work and independent research, which has included a proposal for social innovation hub in a disused and vacant university campus and a proposal for clustering community support resources at train stations. Those ideas emerged from simply taking note of what happens in our communities – walking around and having an idea. In that context, even though the ideas aren’t supported by a mass of empirical evidence, it’s about removing some of the constraints to explore, question and learn. What conditions are required to make that social innovation hub or clustered community support happen? That creativity then cycles back through our working processes to engender approaches that are alive and responsive.


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