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COMMUNITY | Queensland Population Growth Summit

Harbinger’s John Armstrong was a participant in the Queensland Growth Management Summit held on 30 and 31 March 2010. John was invited to participate in the Summit along with 39 other members of the community who were randomly selected.

Over 250 political, community and business leaders heard a variety of opinions about the way Queensland can address the future with some degree of preparedness and resilience. The solutions proposed from various participants ranged from the ‘shut the borders’ approach (i.e. population capping), favoured by some mayors and environmental groups, to the ‘everyone is welcome – because we need your income tax to support for our old folk’ approach of some financial types and property developers (who seem to favour land release rather than rethinking and recasting the way we live and the way we house). Most likely, the practical approach lies somewhere in between, with a diverse toolbox of methods for managing growth that is humanitarian, environmentally responsible and place responsive. When the Summit participants broke into workshop groups to discuss the issues, the good humoured and pragmatic democratic approach was reassuring and bodes well for the future of Queensland. Yes, there are some very concerned people in the community and with just cause – but  some real advances towards innovative and acceptable solutions were made.

The Summit Communique (PDF) is available online.


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