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ASSOCIATION | Bang The Table

Harbinger Consultants has commenced an association with Bang The Table, an online community engagement platform. Through this relationship we hope to encourage the uptake of Bang The Table services in Queensland while also enhancing our own service offer. Bang the Table is an independently moderated space for discussing public policy and hosts discussions for organisations that recognise the value of community input to their decisions. Bang The Table was founded by Crispin Butteriss and Matt Crozier who have worked in the Australian and UK public sectors for about 30 years collectively. Bang The Table responds to the need of attracting and engaging a larger audience in discussions about public policy.

Linda had completed training in online engagement with Bang The Table last year and has just spent two days with the new team of associates – representing most Australian states – receiving training and induction. The platform is easy-to-use for users (both clients and audiences) while also providing an opportunity to consult with more people. We know from our own experience that community consultation is increasingly difficult with many people experiencing either consultation fatigue or being too time poor to provide their views. Bang The Table is more convenient and, from our own experiencing of using the forums, is as easy as making a flight booking.

We will be including updates about Bang The Table’s projects and products on our website.  Examples of consultations include:

More information about Bang The Table:


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