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URBANISTA | What if … an Australian festival of the built environment?

Arts Hub has just published Linda’s lastest Urbanista piece in which she considers the possibilities of an Australian festival of the built environment. Identifying Brisbane as a likely host, she considers the impact of such an event, writing:

A ‘festival of the built environment’ is not solely a festival of architecture – it embraces the whole city. As the inner city is reshaped and redesigned, controversies, which are better placed to attract media attention, also rage, with the King George Square redevelopment, North Bank proposal, Kurilpa Bridge, Howard Smith Wharves proposal and others attracting vehement opposition and criticism. Neighbourhood planning initiatives attract outcry when densification aligned to Smart Growth is proposed. With so many small events and big controversies sprinkled across the city, it’s clear that both citizens and practitioners are already talking. The potential has already revealed itself; scaling up seems plausible. With its planning on steroids, rescaled precincts, major developments, and potential climate change impacts, an event like this in Brisbane may promote a larger conversation about what city-making means in this millennium.

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