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WATCHING | Campus still empty

We’ve been keeping an eye out for stirrings on the QUT Carseldine campus after it was closed at the beginning of the year. As locals we’re keen to see the campus come alive and emerge as a vital node in the area. Recently, a journalist from the Bayside & Northern Suburbs Star was in touch to ask about the proposals that Linda had completed about the campus as a member of the State Government Community Forum, which has now wound down. Linda made several proposals to the state government, endorsed by the Forum, about using the campus as a design, social enterprise and social innovation hub. The proposals didn’t seem to go far despite interest from a range of stakeholder groups. While we accept the matter of the campus’ future is for QUT’s deliberation, the local community has not been informed about the next steps for the campus. Given QUT’s attention to community development around their Kelvin Grove campus, it seems a shame that the local community at Carseldine hasn’t warranted consideration – no consultation or conversation about the campus and its impact on the local area is or has been on offer. Below is the article clipped from The Star, 7 October 2009.



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  lcarroli wrote @

I’m not ready to let this idea go yet. I feel there is much potential and need for a social innovation hub in Brisbane. I just fell onto the website of the Centre for Social Innovation in Toronto. Tell me what you think about it and whether you think Brisbane needs something similar and whether an outer suburban area is potentially a good location for this kind of catalyst.

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