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WEBSITE | Harbinger shifts to WordPress

Harbinger Consultants has moved our website and weblog to WordPress. This platform offers us more flexibility than the other one, with more content coming soon. A studio has always been an integral part of our consulting practice and we’ve allocated a page on the website to provide information about our initiatives and projects which include writing , design, photography and collaborations. The photograph across the top of the webpage is by John Armstrong, taken in our locality. Because we both come out of artistic backgrounds, we felt a need to maintain a studio practice as a way of keeping our thinking dynamic and creative.

You can do a few things on this site:

  • Subscribe to the RSS feed so that you receive email updates whenever new stories or comments are added to the weblog
  • Share Twitter banter, which often includes links to interesting ideas and events, and Delicious links which are integral to our research and learning process
  • Download reports, projects reports, resources and other publications to use and share. Most of our material is released under a Creative Commons license which specifies attribution, no derivatives and no commercial use.
  • Learn about us, our projects, our community involvements and our enterprise values
  • Comment on any of our pages or weblog posts
  • Read stories and reports about our projects and other involvements – we often attend workshops, seminars and other knowledge sharing events. Where possible we try to write a short report.
  • Sift through older blog posts using the categories or archives which go back to 2007

If you have any other thoughts for what we should include on this website, please let us know.


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