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Following on from Linda’s involvement in the BrisCulture Creative Brisbane Conversation, Linda has posted some comments and notes on her PlaceBlog.

It often seems strange, almost displacing, to be talking about ‘creative cities’ as if such an entity is indeed possible. As if it is an end in itself. As if, like culture, creativity is not cultivated. Is the city so sentient or muscular that it can create itself? Creativity is embodied. People create cities – cities cannot create themselves. Should a city take credit for the work of its people so easily, so readily? Or people, so readily, imbue their creations with our human qualities, as if creation/creativity is a mirror of the creator. It is people who are creative and when we talk about creativity we could be well served to speak of releasing the potential of a city’s citizens. We are not just talking about artists or intellectuals or scholars or ‘bright young things’. When we talk about a creative city it can sometimes feel like we are forcing creativity rather than catalysing it among networks and clusters of people – or as Mark Bahnisch said the ‘connectivities’ and ‘aggregations’. Does our idea of creativity still dwell in a romantic artistic notion or the avant garde – or perhaps in an idea of the creative as inherently good or worthy or warranting attention? As someone who has written as a cultural critic for nearly two decades, this question might cut to the core of something integral to the arts and artists given that art has significance in its relationship to or exchange with others.

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