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RESOURCE | Sticky Dots & Post-it Notes

I am constantly surprised by the ways in which unassuming items such as sticky dots and Post-it Notes are used for good effect in consultation. It got me to thinking that I’d like to know more about the uses and contexts in which they are used. So I will be collating and publishing a small resource for consultation and facilitation professionals presenting uses for sticky dots and Post-it notes. These innovations in stationery have brought a simple mode of interaction to consultation and engagement. Consultants are also developing all kinds of creative uses for these everyday and familiar items including voting, visual feedback, prioritisation, timelining and mapping.

I am keen to hear about how others have used these items in their own work, with a view to producing an ebook. I’d like to hear from you if you would like to share your case studies and ideas about this. The publication is intended to be a resource that inspires consultants to be simply creative and creatively simple.

If you have a story or case study you would like to share, please submit the following:

  • A brief outline – no longer than two A4 pages – describing your use of the sticky dot and/or post-it e.g. who, what, where, when, why and whatever else you think is relevant
  • A brief statement about the benefit or successes of these approaches based on your experience e.g. enhanced participation, gameplay, age and literacy level appropriateness, useful in Enquiry by Design where participants are nervous about drawing.
  • Any adaptations you’ve undertaken in developing your approach e.g. Is your use based on something you’ve seen elsewhere? Or based on a game? Have you used bead or thumbtack voting instead of dots? Have you developed a dot or Post-it system for online consultation?
  • A photograph or two

This is a crowdsourcing and knowledge pooling initiative and everyone’s contribution will be acknowledged. The name, company and contact details of each contributor will also be included in the publication (so there’s some passive marketing involved too).

As the editor and publisher, I will give the sales (after costs) to a professional association or two, such as IAP2 and/or the Australian Facilitators Network.

The resource will be published electronically under a Creative Commons License – attribution, share alike, commercial uses allowed and derivatives allowed. So if you submit, you are indicating that you are comfortable with this type of public release. More information about the CC Licences is available at: http://creativecommons.org/about/licenses

At this stage, I anticipate it will be a downloadable ebook, but there is potential for publication as a Wiki or similar.

So please be in touch about this and please send me your stories and case studies (either in electronic or hardcopy format):

Linda Carroli
PO Box 334
Aspley Qld 4034


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