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We have just returned from a couple of days at Hervey Bay where John opened a printmaking exhibition by Sunshine Coast artist, Judith Rosenberg, at the Regional Gallery. His opening talk stressed the value of regional galleries as sites which can demonstrate the cultural and creative vitality of life in regional communities.

“Regional galleries and museums are places where communities can coalesce around creative ideas and cultural activity and where communities can explore their identity and strengths,” he said.

Harbinger Consultants has also recently been engaged in some exciting work and involvements. For us, these kinds of projects are an articulation of Harbinger Consultants’ changemaking ethos.

Carbon Diet
John is coordinating the SEQICC Carbon Diet project which is due to commence this week. The first Carbon Diet presentation is scheduled for this Wednesday, following the AGM. The Carbon Diet program encourages Indigenous business and families to reduce their CO2 emissions by making simple changes to everyday actions.

Building Community Centred Economies Conference
The SEQICC is planning to lead a tour of Indigenous enterprises for international delegates of the Building Community Centred Economies Conference, 17 – 20 June 2009. John is currently working with SEQICC to set up the itinerary and enhance awareness of Indigenous enterprise. The Conference seeks to create a vibrant meeting place in which people can share stories, discuss ideas, reflect on possibilities, build hope, create energy and plan for action, centred on how we can develop real and sustainable community-centred economies locally, regionally across Oceania and globally.

Social Enterprise Focus Group
John has been invited by the Australian Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies to participate in a focus group about social enterprise due to his experience in social enterprise and Indigenous communities. The Centre is working with Social Traders, a not for profit development agency that exists to build the capacity of the Australian social enterprise sector, in mapping the social enterprise sector across Australia. The Centre has set up a wikispace in support of the project.

Creativity and the New Society
Linda will be presenting a guest lecture at QUT this week titled ‘Creativity and the New Society’. Focused on social innovation, social enterprise and the dynamics of social change, Linda’s lecture will address change for our cities and suburbs. The lecture will draw out themes from the Placing project.

Thinking Instructor
Linda has completed the requisite face to face and online training to be certified as a Thinking Instructor by the School of Thinking. During the recent Ideas Festival, Linda completed two Masterclasses with Michael Hewitt-Gleeson and has since been working through the program of online tutorials and lessons.


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