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PROJECT | Placed Update

Linda has posted some writing to the Placed project website. This introductory and exploratory text provides more insight into the project’s origins, intentions and process. Here is an extract:

In 1971, the beat poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti wrote “The fate of the world depends upon the way we live” (from ‘Las Vegas Tilt’ in Open Eye). Ferlinghetti wasn’t the first person to make this claim and won’t be the last, but I found it particularly resonant and this provoked some questioning and thinking about the question, “how are we to live?”. I ask that question because I often hear claims about proposed changes of all kinds, particularly those in urban and community development, sounding the death knell for “our way of life”. Understandably, we’re all anxious and uncomfortable about any proposed change to the urban fabric. However, sometimes it seems that we’re not prepared to change (such as our consumption or driving habits) in order to stop other more sinister changes (such as climate change). On the basis of protecting “our way of life”, communities and/or councils refuse the introduction of higher densities as a means of containing the environmental footprint in the same breath as opposing the development of a mosque. Yet, we continually make adjustments to maintain that way of life, such as becoming a multi-income family, working longer hours etc. And so, this value of “our way of life” leaves me considering the anonymity of the ‘our’ whose idealised way of life or lifestyle is being safeguarded. If “our way of life” is so precarious, what does this say about our sense of place?

The call for submissions is also open until 1 May 2009. More information is available at:


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