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SUPPORT | AWF & IAP2 extend professional support to Bushfire communities

Harbinger is a member of and supports many non-profit organisations including Architects Without Frontiers (AWF) and the International Association of Public Participation (IAP2). This week both of these organisations have mobilised their members to provide practical professional support to rebuilding Bushfire devastated communities.

As an organisation working to provide design assistance to communities afflicted by social, environmental and natural disasters, AWF has stating their willingness to support and assist individuals, families and communities in the short and long-term rebuilding process. AWF have over 200 volunteers able to provide architectural and design support. Those architects, landscape architects, planners and built environment professionals who are interested in providing volunteer assistance to those affected by the fires to register their support today on AWF’s website or by email.

Also, the IAP2 has written to local councils in Victoria, the relevant state agencies, the Victorian Premier and the Australian Prime Minster with an offer of support. The text of the letter is loaded on the IAP2 website. In making this offer IAP2 has joined with our friends and colleagues from the Australasian Facilitators Network to volunteer to offer support to help communities to make their decisions, plans and policies for the future. If you want to volunteer to help the communities and agencies of Victoria email IAP2 President, Anne Pattilloa. Tell her what skills or approaches you could offer and provide your contact details (email and telephone). Talk to your friends, colleagues about offering support. Working with organisations engage with their communities to make tough decisions is what public participation facilitators and consultants do best.


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