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John has been working with the South East Queensland Indigenous Chamber of Commerce to develop a Carbon Diet project as well as other initiatives. The SEQICC has now received project funding from Queensland’s Environmental Protection Agency to undertake this culturally targeted and appropriate project. As part of this project, John will be completing a Carbon Coaching program in the near future to facilitate organisational and community carbon awareness. The project will encourage environmental sensitive practices among Indigenous businesses, families and communities.

Also, Linda will be completing a workshopwith renowned environmental psychologist Dr Doug McKenzie-Mohr in early February. The workshop will be focused on the application of community-based social marketing to foster sustainable behaviour. Sustainability depends on people choosing for themselves to do things differently. Achieving behaviour change in sustainable use of resources requires individuals and businesses to choose to reduce CO2 emissions, increase water and energy efficiency, prevent pollution and much more.

Dr McKenzie-Mohr has developed five steps to effectively reach communities:

  • selecting behaviours
  • identifying barriers
  • developing strategies
  • conducting a pilot
  • broad scale implementation.

The workshop provides in-depth exposure to community-based social marketing and provides participants with the knowledge needed to design and evaluate programs, and apply community-based social marketing tools to existing programs.

We’re excited about bringing these ideas into our consulting work – not only will be able to work with groups and communities to envision and strategise a sustainable future, we will be able to work with groups to develop engaging and practical approaches to change.


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