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Placed presents projects by artists, designers, architects, planners and other urbanists that are directed toward cultural innovation, action and change in Australian cities, suburbs, towns and communities.

Placed will catalogue and map 100 or so projects produced in Australia in the last five years. This includes interventions, artworks, events etc that are articulated in urban, suburban and community situations and that have catalysed or enabled other ways of thinking, living and doing in the urban environment. These projects, regardless of scale, are genuinely concerned with the way we envision, create and live in our places.

If you are interested in having your project considered for this publication, please send:

  • Location of the project – please be specific i.e. provide the street address if possible
  • No more than two A4 pages of text describing the project i.e. who, what, how, when, where, why
  • Two photographs or other relevant images of the project
  • Contact details.

Please send this information by:

  • Email to lcarroli@pacific.net.au or
  • Post to Linda Carroli, Placed, PO Box 334, Aspley Qld 4034.

Deadline for submissions is 1 May 2009.

Please distribute this information to your networks. Contact Linda at lcarroli@pacific.net.au for more information or visit http://placing.synthasite.com/placed.php.

Placed is produced as part of the Placing Project, a multifaceted cultural writing, research and publishing project. More information about Placed and Placing is available at http://placing.synthasite.com. Placing is funded by the Visual Arts Board of the Australia Council, the federal government arts funding and advisory body.


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