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CAPABILITY | Indigenous Employment, Enterprise & Training

Harbinger’s Indigenous employment, enterprise and training capability is in evidence in several of John Armstrong’s current projects. John was the Manager of Blak Business Smart Business, a south east Queensland Indigenous business hub for several years, where he led a team of Indigenous staff to provide ongoing personalised, professional guidance for the sustainable development of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses. Intensive and extensive consultations with Indigenous Community leaders and others enabled Armstrong to provide a valuable service for a rich and diverse mix of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals, enterprises and organisations with over 500 enquiries and 100+ active clients during the three years. BBSB was funded from three tiers of government and involved a range of corporate partners as well. John also served on the Board of the Queensland Indigenous Arts Marketing and Exporting Agency for two three year terms. Harbinger’s work is based on an ethos of cultural respect with capabilities in cultural protocol awareness and cross-cultural communication.

John is currently providing consulting services in Indigenous employment, enterprise and training with a number of projects through Harbinger. These include:

  • course development and lecturing at the Australian Catholic University in the Indigenous business program and a consulting role Indigenous enterprise projects in schools
  • consulting on a large scale project that will result in a range of employment and training opportunities for Indigenous people
  • presentation at the IQPC Conference addressing culturally appropriate models for Indigenous enterprise development
  • input into the development of multi-site rural enterprise that will result in training, employment and tourism based on cultural protocols
  • ongoing involvement with and service provision to the South East Queensland Indigenous Chamber of Commerce. Harbinger is a proud member of the SEQICC!!

If you would like to know more about our work in this area, please email John at jmjarmstrong@hotmail.com


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